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To avoid filling up the home page with loads of old mountain bike news, you can find it all here instead! If this isn't enought there is a load more information and pictures to be found in the guides mountain bike ramblings on our blog


January - We've had so much interest about our winter holidays that we've produced a site specifically for our skiing and snowboarding holidays. Winter holidays with UpandDownhill. Also, we've had our fleet of Intense bikes delivered for the mountain biking season. Spider FROs and a 29er. Let us know if you want to hire an Intense mountain bike with more rear suspension and we'll get it in for your holiday, maybe the Tracer VP?

February - For those that want the inside details of what we are up to, we've set up a twitter account @MTB_Keith so you can see up to date photos and snippets of news and holiday guests as they happen. Only a few more weeks before we'll be out on our mountain bikes again!

March - We wanted to make it easier for our holiday guests to find cheap flights over to Austria for their mountain bike holidays so we put together our travelling page. There are some great deals to be found. Remember to check the small print for bringing out your own mountain bikes. Bike hire is available as an alternative for our holiday guests.

April - Holiday season is generally quieter this month, which allows us to get our fitness back up for the mountain biking season. Mountain biking this early is all about choosing low altitude rides and checking and clearing our routes.

May - We are excited to announce our new mountain biking holidays prices. Two choices for our mountain biking guests with (what we believe are) unrivalled group discounts. Early feedback about these mtb holidays has been very positive.

June - A mtb video helps show our guests the variety of routes that we have to choose from. Check out the gallery where the mountain bike videos can be found.

July - Busy times as our guests arrive to enjoy the summer. Plenty of riding, loads of eating and drinking. We've had a good mixture of mountain bikers so far, from beginners to seasoned technical XC and freeriders. Each week we've happily tailored the riding to the wants of our holiday group.

August - When we are in the peak of our mountain biking season then most of our time is out on the bikes. The majority of changes to our site are on the Guides Ramblings, our blog for all the latest happens from Austria.

September - Our new style photo gallery for our holiday guests and a site refresh with loads more mountain bike pictures and useful tips to help you around our site.

October - The mountain biking season is relatively long over here in Austria for an Alps holiday. So if you want to get your last fix of riding in the Alps, we are offering a 10% low season saving. All details can be found on the holidays booking and prices page.

November - The first snow has fallen, covering our mountain bike trails but filling us with excitement for the coming season. Cheap self catering holidays still available.

December - Winter in the alps is almost as good as the summer in the alps. So instead of flying down the mountains on the bike, our holiday guests and ourselves will be indulging in alpine skiing, touring and maybe a little cross country. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone here at the farm.