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trails with climbs

You came on holiday to get fit and work hard? Well we know that isn't completely the truth (at least not for most of you). However enjoying some parts of Ellmau and Scheffau can only be done with climbing but it's well worth the effort.

We will avoid climbing in the midday heat and will take everything nice and steady. This isn't a race. Believe it or not, climbs on technical sections are great for balance and will help your downhill skills as well. Plus there is some fantastic singletrack to be ridden.

We'd recommend everyone spend at least one day on the "Wilder Kaiser side". Hey, you can also try out the bridge we made behind the farm!.

  • To the Lake - weave up and down the valley enjoying the best trails, before climbing to a picturesque lake. Relax, before taking on another climb to a mountain hut for some good hearty homemade cooking. Enjoy grin making descents all the way back to the farm.

  • Spot the Gämse - mountain traverses, woody singletrack, delicious food and stunning scenery make mountain biking on this side of the valley great fun.