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You want a day? a couple of days? or the whole week where you can take advantage of the extensive lift system in our area. These routes will be "picked and mixed" to your skill level and your daily wishes. It is nice to try a steep rooty trail one time, then maybe enjoy a faster fireroad trail the next.

We also use the lifts and cable cars to produce epic tours that will take you to wonderful mountain peaks in neighbouring valleys. Visit quiet mountain huts for local food and find mountain lakes to bathe in.

  • 4 uplifts, 4 trails - this is just one example of many different uplift days that we can do in the area. If you really enjoy a particular trail then just say and we can do the route again. Let us know what you want to ride and we can plan a day's mountain biking to match. There are some uphills to handle as well so pace yourselves!

  • An Epic in the Tyrol - an example of an epic that can be tailored to the group's needs. Don't be surprised if we point out a mountain in the distance and say "we'll be mountain biking on that today!". Enjoy being guided, so that you can get the most out of a day's mountain biking.

While itís satisfying to finally make it to the top of a trail, those cable cars were certainly a blessing! 

Mike, London Bridge

plenty of dutch courage

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