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We have tried to set out our website to be as clear and easy to use as possible, however, some people have a number of specific questions that might be of interest to others. Here they all are and hopefully they can help answer your queries.

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mountain bike questions

Do you offer holidays for other than a week? what about long weekends or extra nights and if so how much?
We prefer people to come for the week, however, we are also flexible to those people who may want to stay for longer or shorter periods, just drop us an email or contact us and we'll sort through what options are available. return to top

What times of the year are your mountain bike holidays available?
We run our holidays from early May to the end of October. This is for both your safety and enjoyment. Please note that the lifts are open from 3rd week in May to the last week in October (subject to change). We ski through out the winter season in the Skiwelt skiing region which is on our doorstep. Therefore we also offer accommodation during the winter period (mid December - end March) for winter holidays. In fact the demand is so good we've created a whole extra section of our site, especially for the winter holidays we offer. return to top

Are single rooms available?
There are no extra charges for single guests that want to come on holiday with us, however we would ask groups that are coming together to share rooms wherever possible. return to top

What is the largest group size you can take?
For your safety and enjoyment the maximum group size will be eight people plus the guide. From our experience groups larger than this simply aren't as much fun. There is too great a risk of various bike failures and stopping and starting, instead of flowing downhill mountain biking. return to top

Can I bring my family along
No problems, eventhough the guided mountain biking is for adults only. There are many activites that the kids can get involved in. Take a look at our family page for more details. return to top

What sort of mountain biking do you do?
Up and Downhill are primarily XC mountain bikers. We are just as happy going uphill as well as we are coming down again. We realise however, that the mountains out here are large and in order to see the greatest amount of the area in a week's holiday, lifts, cable cars and the funicular are great assets to have up our sleeves! We'll tailor a weeks riding to match (and push a little!) the group's fitness and skill levels. return to top

What is the weather like?
Tricky one to answer as we are at altitudes between 650m and 1900m and the weather can change extremely quickly here in the mountains. In good weather you'll need to take enough water as the heat in the middle of the day can really sap your energy, however when it does rain, it is normally in heavy thunderous showers. It is always advisable to carry a warmer layer of clothing for when you reach the tops of the mountains. return to top

What can I do if I fancy a couple of days without mountain biking?
You can relax, sightsee or take part in other adventure activities. There is plenty to keep you entertained in Ellmau and the surrounding area. Kaiserbad has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, tennis and squash courts. There is canyoning, white water rafting and paragliding that we can book for you. Kitzbuehel is a beautiful town to wander around and soak in the culture. In Ellmau, there are weekly concerts and farmers' markets to see. Even if you're not on your bike there is plenty to see and do, both inside and out. return to top

How good do I have to be?
People will get the most from their holiday if they have a good level of fitness. If this is your first time on a mountain bike then this holiday really isn't for you. The holiday is aimed at people who mountain bike a couple of times a week at home and enjoy cycling for the whole day (obviously with breaks and great grub at lunch!). If when you are here you feel that a section of downhill (or uphill) is too tricky then just get off your bike for a bit, no one is there to judge you. You'll be reminded when you are here, 'that it is your responsibility to ride within your own skill levels'. Be safe and enjoy cycling within your limits. return to top

If I bring my own bike how good does it need to be?
There is some tough terrain out here and your bike will be put through its paces. We've told people before that if they are thinking that their bike might not cut it then it probably won't. We hire bikes and bikes can also be hired in Ellmau. Bikes will need good brakes, sturdy tyres and a solid frame. return to top

What flights are available?
We've created a travelling page to share our recommendations and further links to flight search engines. return to top

Do you pick up from Munich?
We can pick up from Salzburg, Innsbruck or Munich. Please advise at time of booking whether you require pickup so we can confirm availability. return to top

Are you able to transport my bike from the airport?
Not a problem - we have a minibus and trailer that can pickup from the airport. return to top

What if my bike gets damaged?
Unfortunately it is true, bikes will get damaged. The good news is that not only do we have a well equipped bike room at the farm but also in Ellmau there are two great bike shops with repair centres. return to top

Can we hire bikes?
Yes, we have mountain bikes for hire, also the bike shops in Ellmau, hire trail ready bikes. Drop us a line or email and we can discuss what you need in more detail. return to top

What is there to do in the evenings?
Ellmau is a buzzing après-ski resort and obviously the same bars and restaurants are running in the summer. Our favourites are Memory Bar and Pub 66. There are plenty of places to get food in the evenings. Ellmau also has a weekly tourism schedule, which includes bands, music festivals and farmers' markets.return to top

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