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To avoid filling up the home page with loads of old mountain bike news, you can find it all here instead! If this isn't enought there is a load more information and pictures to be found in the guides mountain bike ramblings on our blog


29th January - Apart from getting out in the white stuff as much as possible, I've fixed a couple of problems with the email booking form. The snow is melting at the moment so fingers crossed we'll be back out on the mountain bikes in no time!

22nd February - We've added a guest gallery to the site. This will have all our mountain bike holiday and winter holiday photos in it from the guests that have stayed with us. At present this is a bit sparse, however, I'll be digging out some older photos to include here as well. We have also included the option for prints to be purchased through this gallery.

15th March - Mountain biking and sking on the same day can't be bad! - well the mountain biking was only to pick up some fresh bread at the bakery so hardly an epic tour! Also they are predicting more snow next week. Whilst we've been indoors we've setup a 'page' over at Facebook for our mountain bike holidays. Go check it out if you get the urge, (you'll need to be logged into your Facebook account) and join us as a 'fan'.

28th March - Competition, win a free holiday!!! - yes it is true, get yourselves over to the UpandDownhill Page on Facebook and follow the simple instructions in the Competitions section to be in with a chance of winning a mountain bike holiday for two.

30th April - Pre-season means finding more great routes for our guests and checking out our existing mountain bike trails. We've planned another route that takes mountain bikers to a nearby waterfall that is a climbers haven as there are overhangs behind the actually falls. Next month will see our first competition winner on Facebook. We'll be making entry even simpler and just by joining as a 'fan' you'll be eligible to win.

7th May - As promised a few more mountain biking pictures are popping up on the site. For those of you that want to bring your family, check out our new family holiday page. The mountain biking is still only for the adults but we just wanted to show you that the area can be great for children and families as well.

13th May - When you are on your mountain biking holiday you might want to try some other activities. We have put up more images as well, in the biking section of the holidays gallery. Finally, don't forget to look at the sitemap / index as it clearly lays out everything that you might need to find when checking out the holidays that we have to offer.

21st June - Congratulations to Rachel Atherton, her brother Gee Atherton and Steve Peat for their fantastic results (Gold, Gold, Silver respectively) at the Mountain Bike World Championships in Val di Sole, Italy.

July - We are excited to announce our mountain bike guides blog this month. The blog has been in our minds for a while now, and it means that the updates on this homepage will be a monthly summary of interesting changes and updates to Up and Downhill. Whilst the juicy details are to be found in the blog. Other interesting events. We've been talking to a local paragliding company and they are offering a 5% discount for our holiday guests. Finally, we've added more mountain biking holiday photos that you might like to browse through.

August - The biking section of the site has been updated, check out an epic trail example, or an uplift day and explore the types of mountain biking that we offer on our holidays. Also, the mountain bike storage area has had a facelift. Relax and listen to tunes in a small seating area or tinker on your bike whilst enjoying a cold beer.

September - Our mountain biking holiday guests can look forward to an added treat from 2009 as we are able to offer Intense bikes for hire. When we haven't been out mountain biking with our holiday guests we've taken a moment to update our 'guides ramblings' blog. Let us know what you think...

October - We have new wheels. This time instead of mountain bikes, our new minibus was delivered. Room for eight holiday guests to travel, with full A/C and our (erm) choice music selection. Most of the mountain biking will be straight from the farm, however, the minibus will give extra choices and airport pickups if needed.

November - A quiet month for mountain biking as winter draws nearer. So we'd like to share some of the links that get missed when people look through our site. In no particular order, a typical week - just an example of how you can enjoy a mountain bike holiday with us. Also, check out family mountain biking - many mountains have great kids areas at the tops so meeting up for lunch is just one of many possibilities. Whilst on holiday it's nice to use the extensive lift system to get your mountain bikes to the tops of the mountains. Here is an example mountain uplift day for you

December - It is now white at the farm and whilst our mountain biking guests are hibernating we are enjoying time with our winter holiday makers. Check out our mountain bike blog, we always enjoy receiving comments from past and potential holiday guests. Here you can also subscribe to our main feed or receive email updates.