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an epic in the tyrol


mountain traverses • slick singletrack • remote farm stops • technical downhills • tired happy people


route time full day   skill level intermediate
min. altitude 665m   max. altitude 1785m
total ascent
(not lifts)
5km   vertical ascent 150m
total descent 43km   vertical descent 2765m

example photos



  1. gentle coast down cycle path to our first uplift, don't forget to pack your lift pass, now sit back, it takes 30mins to get to the top, enjoy the alpine views.

  2. descent on steep singletrack and gravel roads until we arrive in the neighbouring valley.

  3. short cycle path to next uplift, time to relax, maybe stop off for an iced tea, probably a little too early for anything stronger.

  4. fun rocky descents, mixed with flowing singletrack to test your skills, impressive 360° panoramic views of snow capped mountains, enjoy local farmhouse food at its best.

  5. easy pedalling into the next village before enjoying the largest uplift with 1000m of ascent.

  6. technical steep singletrack and forest paths to the valley floor, exhilarating, tiring and 100% rewarding.

  7. completing the loop, will involve some leg work (pickup support if needed!)


this will test the legs and arms, austrian alpine riding that you won't forget. Take plenty of water and your normal spares, tubes, energy bars, repair kits etc. Again, we have many combinations of these epic mountain bike trips to suit the group's needs.

Great time! Certainly learned more about my abilities. 

Alex, Bayreuth

steady rider, great mojo

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