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Cycling in the Tirol is all about finding that next mountain lake, the rewarding uphill climb, that cheeky downhill descent. UpandDownhill will take you to some of the best trails and sights in this beautiful area of Austria. We have been mountain biking in the area for over five years. There are some great hidden singletracks, steep technical forest sections and sweeping farm track trails.

We will tailor the daily rides to the group's skills and aspirations. To give you an idea of the range and types of riding that are possible, we put together a number of trail profiles and riding descriptions that you might find interesting.

  • Lift assisted routes - relax and let modern engineering, chairlifts and cable cars, take you to the mountain tops. Enjoy singletrack and challenging descents back to the valley bottom. Don't be fooled there will be some uphills but only to get us to the next exhilarating trail.

  • Pedal power - the whole of Austria isn't covered in chairlifts and cable cars. We love exploring quiet mountain paths and routes that have a 'wilderness' feel to them. Don't worry the downhill sections will be well worth the wait.

  • Easy routes - fancy just taking it easy? With beautiful mountain lakes and interesting villages to explore, mountain biking doesn't only have to be about the macho stuff.

If this isn't enough there are also three specially designed bike tracks in the area.

Pictures tell a thousand words (and to be honest we are better photographers than writers) so check out a sample of a mountain biking holiday with Up and Downhill.

First mountain biking holiday to Austria and what a visit, thanks for looking after us so well. 

Rob, Daventry

intermediate biker
enjoys the uphills

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