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Ecurie Neep Mountain Bike Club - Aberdeen

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Forum: The Neeps MTB Forum
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The Neeps from Scotland

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Closest Town: Aberdeen | Membership benefits: Yes | Beginners rides: Yes

The Ecurie Neep mountain bike club has an active website with membership details which offers discounts at many local bike shops. There is information of all the local rides that Ecurie Neeps do. These are currently on Wednesdays and Sundays. A reports section shows all the various holidays that the Neeps have been on with photos of the mountain biking, scores and useful links. Hey, we are on there as well. Furthermore, there is a comprehensive list of local rides. Showing all the ride locations in Aberdeen and further afield. The Ecurie Neeps mountain biking club rides many different trails. Bennachie, Clachnaben, Counteswells, Mount Keen, Forbachers, Kerloch, Kirkhill, Green Mile, Loch Muick, Millstone, North Ballater, Pitfichie, Scolty Hill, Swanley. From this comprehesive list, we sure you can find some great riding to enjoy with these guys from Aberdeen.

For the downhill crew and other useful information they have the 'The Neeps MTB forum' which, as of 17 November 2010 has 367 registered users and over 5500 posted articles. A slightly seperate group of downhill riders are also very active of the Neeps website and organise their rides here as well.

Finally this group of mountain bikers from Aberdeen have a large gallery of photos from their various mountain biking exploits. From their holidays to social events and videos / photos of their weekly routes as well.

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