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Alpine mountain biking - Guests Photo Gallery - Up and Downhill Mountain Biking Holidays

Alpine mountain bikingEllmau and Westendorf, Austria mountain bike holiday

13 - Czech mtb trip

A cool week spent alpine mountain biking with Matt and Helena as we explored the Wilder Kaiser and Skiwelt area. Really rewarding seeing Helena's biking improve through the week. It'll be full face helmet and the bike park next!

Mountain biker jumping on singletrackFarms over looking the Wilder KaiserRear view of a mountain biker in the woodsBlack and White photo of steep descent on a mtbWoman smiling on a bike passing a few cows in AustriaRider in red descending on alpine singletrackMountain bike holiday guests next to the Wilder Kaiser in the AlpsWoman mountain bikerA typical Alpine mountain biking sceneGuest slipping out on a steep rooty trailCow pat on a mountain biking trackFemale mountain biker doing a small drop offA couple mountain biking in the AlpsFinishing a climb on the mountain bikers in WestendorfAfter a small fall from her mountain bike smilingAlpine flowers in Westendorf AustriaSunshine and mountain bikingSmall wooden chapel in Westendorf Tirol AustriaJumping on a mountain bike on an alpine trail

Matt taking every opportunity to get the mountain bike in the air. It might have something to do with the camera pointing at him, or it could just be the sweet singletrack. Look closely and you can just make out the top of the alpine chapel with it's cross on the left side of the photo.

A clear day in the Alps as we climb up on the lifts in the Skiwelt, overlooking the Wilder Kaiser mountain range of Austria. The sounds of the cow bells and smells of the freshly cut grass are quintessentially Austrian.

Photos of mountain bikers taken from behind aren't flattering, nor are they able to give the viewer a good sense of the trail. Check out Photo Radars guide to better mountain bike photography. Everything is far too flat. This trail is fun to ride though, with a twisty path through the forest before a steep rooty section that spits you out into the valley.

Alpine mountain biking

How do you mountain bike roots? When it is steep and the roots seem to go in all directions. Some might say it is best just to hang on for dear life but it really is about keeping a straight line and a good sense of balance. Whether you are in the French, Swiss, Italian or Austrian alps you will sooner or later encounter a tricky mtb trail with roots strewn across the way.

The cows kept their distance but it was fun cycling up this path with the cows checking out your every more. Helena was nearly flicked by the first cows tail. Hey, it could have been a lot worse

Matt flying down a section of singletrack. The red shirt and light green gloves working well against the bright blue sky. Maybe one day I'll get a photo in one of the mountain biking magazines... Without having to pay for an advert. Let us know what it takes to get an image into a bike magazine. Here's a starter, tack sharp image, perfectly exposed, exciting location, room for copy text. Anything else?

Nice weather and good views, shame to miss a photo opportunity for our holiday guests.

A nice strong position as Helena heads down the trail. Weight back, strong but relaxed arms and shoulders, not forgetting level pedals. Check out some of our photos from our Scottish holiday guests. They were used to riding in the Alps and ripped their way around the Austrian trails.

I spotted this view a couple of weeks back. It appealed to me because of its simplicity. There isn't anything distracting in the photo, just riders, mountains and meadow. Not even a cloud in the sky.

Many styles of riding on holiday

Again Matt up for the challenge and choosing a line down this technical rooty section in the Pine forests. Roots are fun but best not to learn when they are wet. The whole week had good weather so there wasn't a problem.

Surprisingly when you are tired after a long climb, easy obstacles, as shown here, can be hard to avoid. Especially if there are a lot of cows around! Natures natural land mines. Uphill, weave a clean path through the trails or coat your tires. Not fun for the person behind you. Downhill, a cheeky bunny hop should do.

After a week on holiday, Helena was getting better and better on the mountain bike. The climbs weren't a problem from day one, however some of the tight technical stuff was more of a challenge. There is nothing like a weeks vacation to really get to grips with the Alpine riding.

Holiday snap number two. Alpine views and good weather. This was taken towards the end of the trip and overlooks the mountains towards Kirchberg, Kitzbuehel and parts of the Skiwelt.

Mountain biking in the Alps

Having recently finished lunch of Wiener Schnitzel, this short climb wasn't a problem at all. The great thing about riding in the Alps is that there are so many different places to stop to get good, tasty home produced food. All needed to give you that extra energy to make the climbs and enjoy the descents as much as possible.

Confidence high and tight trails unfortunately took Helena off her bike. No damage done to rider or bike so after a quick photo, time to move on.

Pastures, mountains and blue skies. A quick stop at this scenic vantage point. Don't ask me what these flowers are called though. Anyone know? Take the time to stop occasionally, whether it is at the top of peak or just in a shady pine forest to look at the flora, chill out for a while and take in the fresh air. After all, most of us got into cycling because of our love of the outdoors, and where better to enjoy it than in the Alps.

Matt was always up for a photo opportunity. Nothing better than leaning into the corners and styling it up for the camera whilst alpine mountain biking.

It isn't uncommon to climb to a mountain top and find that the builders have already been there. This little chapel was (I think) built in the 1970s. Judging by the lightning protectors running off the roof, it has probably seen it's fair share of storms. Today wasn't a day to worry about this.

Putting his Ironhorse through it's paces and enjoying the singletrack.

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