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Extreme mountain biking - Guests Photo Gallery - Up and Downhill Mountain Biking Holidays

Extreme mountain bikingThe Alps mountain bike holiday

06 - Neeps in Austria

Natural trails, bike parks and lots of technical singletrack to keep our Scottish guests entertained

Ken setting up his Cove at the Leogang bike park.

Neil coming down the lower section in the Leogang bike park.

Dusty trails equal fun trails and often really good photo opportunities.

Ken landed on the front wheel a lot on the jumps. Shifting the weight back would help solve this.

Determinination on Neil's face as he bounces over a few of the smaller jumps.

Foreboding clouds, that turned into an afternoon storm. However we managed to get a few good runs in, in the morning.

Takeoff for Ken, loads of practice for their normal trail riding.

Another photo of Ken in the bikepark. Should have cropped closer on this one as his expression is fantastic.

A lake in the Alps with huge clouds building up behind. Looks enticing but so so cold.

Near the bottom now, with a big grin across his face.

More jumping in the bike park. Ecurie neep rider Neil getting a good body position.

The steep ascent on the cable car in Westendorf is a pleasant way to spend 20mins.

Unfortunately one member of the guest had to drop out, due to an emergency operation. Best wishes, get well soon!

Hearty food and a good beer at Wiegalm before carrying on the days riding.

Great place to grab a drink and a slice of cake.

Finally a shot showing that the trails can be steep in places. So the answer, fairly obviously, is get side on to the rider, croutch a little. Next time I'll try and get the whole of the rider and bike in the shot at the same time!

One of our favour trails that spits you back out at the bottom of the valley after throwing you around for 5km.

Neal getting ready for a switchback.

Miles of endless singletrack that takes us through our neighbouring valley.

These guys are used to steep descents in Scotland and were enjoying what we put them through. Ken easily getting down this section. From my point of view I should get in closer to get a better photo with more facial expression.

Any enjoyable gully that winds between large old trees.

More trails, this time with a very small drop off. Perfect for practicing your skills on.

This trail just goes on and on, hugging the hill side.

Slopes mean different things to different people. The farmer has his work cut out to mow this field. Too steep for the tractor, therefore the handmower must be used.

Steep mountains form the background on our day trip over to Salzburgerland.

The adidas X-line. We'll be back to complete this but for today we had another 3 mountain peaks to get to.

A fun track near Saalbach. This was followed by a short by wicked climb.

A gully forms between an old tree and a termites hill on the right.

An old farm dwelling with a view to Hinterglemm in the distance. Our destination for the day.

Mountain biking in the Alps. Blue skies, meadows and woods. Bliss.

No pads for the easy stuff. Neil and Ken saved the pads for the freeride trails. To be honest, pads can be a pain if there is a lot of ups and downs to deal with.

An alm kitted out for the biker. Trail maps, hearty food and their very own freeride trail in the woods.

A log balance on a hidden section of freeride trail.

Northshore comes to Austria. With their very own drops on the right hand side.

Neil was the only one to try the seesaw. The seesaw itself wasn't too bad but if you fell to your left there was 3m fall. That is probably why Neil is leaning to his right urging the seesaw to drop.

Neil pleased to make it across the seesaw. Ken watching in the background.

A daunting log ride, with a fairly hefty dropoff at the end. We all took the chicken route past this fella.

Round a walled berm and into a fun jump. Ken hitting it in style.

Flowing singletrack great for the MTBer. We could have ridden this trail all day.

The two peaks in the distance were our target for the day. This was the hardest climb but it was well worth it for the descent on the otherside of the mountain.

More singletrack flowing off into the distance.

This is one of my favourite MTB photos have I've taken. I like it because of the angle of the mtber, the winding trail in the background. The blue skies and the reflection in the lake. Having the second rider coming down the singletrack as well finishes it off for me. Hope you like it too.

Freeride trail heading off over the ridge.

Ken heading off after a tight switchback. Neil close behind.

An inquisitive goat just making sure we were up to no trouble.

This time the Evil Eye was our trail of choice.

Time for a beer after a really long day out. Five mountain peaks, 2 freeride trails and loads of great mountain biking.

Heading off down a fun trail. This is the last piece of our epic all dayer. This was also the last day of the Neep's holiday.

A good place to practise your drop offs. It might be in the childrens practice area but it is still high enough to get the adrenaline pumping.

I don't think there is much else that gets a mountain bikers excitement up, than see in a singletrack trail distancing off into the distance.

Rock trail but a few fun jumping sections. This is on the way down from the top station in Leogang.

We told you it is addictive. Every opportunity to get in the air with the mountain bike was taken.

Disclosure. We checked this section out first but Neil rode it with ease.

A steep drop on sticky mud.

It was steep enough anyway but I should have straighten the photo, as it was actually steeper than shown here.

Getting ready for... you guessed it... another jump.

Something a little different is always nice when you ride your regular trails at home all the time. Neil and Ken were very good technical natural trail riders and really enjoyed the challenge of the bikepark.

Note to self. Try and remove distracting objects in the background to get a photo that stands out.

A little bit too much compression but a nice safe position.

Ken kicking up the dust.

Hopefully Neil liked this photo of him on his Yeti 575.

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