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  1. Finally a shot showing that the trails can be steep in places. So the answer, fairly obviously, is get side on to the rider, croutch a little. Next time I'll try and get the whole of the rider and bike in the shot at the same time!
  2. A little exaggerated at the end but D-Poulos rode really well on the whole of this trail. He was more than happy to give anything a go.
  3. Just after this wall ride there is a tricky bit of unforgiving northshore. I'd recommend checking it out first before trying to ride it.
  4. Hopefully Neil liked this photo of him on his Yeti 575.
  5. Neil pleased to make it across the seesaw. Ken watching in the background.
  6. Lee admitted defeat on this section of the Kitzbuehel Freeride trail. I'm still trying to work out how to get the sense of height and steepness into these photos. It is definitely more nervy when viewed on your bike from the top.
  7. Some serious height can be achieved on this bridge. The drop on the other side is quite impressive as well, especially if you don't know it is coming.
  8. In our continual pursuit of showing a trails steepness, Ian is right over the back of the saddle to keep his balance.
  9. Get on a big rig bike and enjoy the seemingly endless number of jumps at Leogang.
  10. Dusty trails equal fun trails and often really good photo opportunities.
  11. Great singletrack to enjoy on one of our routes to Lachtalalmhoch alm at 1623m.
  12. These guys are used to steep descents in Scotland and were enjoying what we put them through. Ken easily getting down this section. From my point of view I should get in closer to get a better photo with more facial expression.
  13. It was steep enough anyway but I should have straighten the photo, as it was actually steeper than shown here.
  14. We check all the trails a few days before we ride them but you never know what obstacles you might find.
  15. Keep level pedals and use your legs as springs to help you down the trail.
  16. Deep in concentration as Mike navigates his way over rock and root, deep in the woods behind the farm. Austrian singletrack at its best.
  17. Trying out a couple of artists mountain biking shots. With loads of guys and gals flying down the mountain there is always an opportunity for snapping away.
  18. Round a walled berm and into a fun jump. Ken hitting it in style.
  19. Small steps, but enjoyable to mountain bike down.
  20. Definitely wouldn't recommend having the tongue out, keep it safely in your mouth.
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