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Winter at Upanddownhill

  1. View of the Wilder Kaiser range on a stroll to Scheffau.
  2. Getting above the clouds in Ellmau.
  3. New Years Eve fireworks in the main town of Kufstein
  4. We had a long day spare so decided to build an igloo.
  5. Skiing, snowboarding, paragliding to name a few things you'll see at the ski show, as well as Bobo.
  6. Manu cutting the slope up in style.
  7. Instead of some of the cruising routes try your hand at these moguls.
  8. A vertical climb of 400m from the farm then powder all the way home.
  9. Practice your deep powder skills, just off the main routes.
  10. Early season skiers and snowboarders.
  11. The farm obviously keeps running throughout the winter months.
  12. Enjoy some drinks if you fancy a break from the skiing.
  13. Single chairlift at the top of Hohe Salve in Soell.
  14. Enjoy some snowboarding if you fancy a change from the skiing.
  15. Explore this beautiful countryside by foot for a change.
  16. Andy and Louise taking a moments pause on the red run.
  17. Just after this, Jenny received a snowball in the face.
  18. For approx €100 take a paraglider from the top of Scheffau. We had a great view of the farm.
  19. Ski instructor Manu (no she isn't that tall, I'd just fallen over)
  20. Occasionally, the cows get out in the winter and go for a wander!
  21. Cross country trails go right past the back door of the farm.
  22. More posing from Manu.
  23. Aualm lift in Scheffau.
  24. Some snowboarding in the fields behind the farm.
  25. More fun to be had in the evenings, watch the ski show or just have a snowball fight.
  26. Chapel at the top of Hohe Salve.
  27. Family fun in the winter time.
  28. Westendorf also has some fantastic off piste routes.
  29. Fancy going uphill as well as down?
  30. Clear blue skies above the pistes in the Skiwelt.
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