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The team

  1. Normally I would be taking the photos, so we did not have many to choose from.
  2. You do strange things at the mid summers night festival.
  3. Can be lost for ages studying those maps.
  4. In Kufstein enjoying a day mountain biking.
  5. Hard working and helps push me in those tricky times.
  6. Tini owns and runs the farm, Esther is learning the trade.
  7. Thinks we are all mad to be mountain biking on trails that he would not send the cows out on.
  8. We all want the tradition to stay.
  9. If she is not mountain biking she is being very organised somewhere.
  10. Keeps the farm in order and yes, her hands really are that large.
  11. A long time ago now, skiing trip to St. Anton.
  12. I do not think I have ever seen this man without a smile on his face.
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