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  1. Very rocky, rooty descent down our private cow tracks.
  2. Fantastic singletrack on a secret trail that I have only ever seen a deer on. Not a single other mountain biker or walker and that is in 5 years of riding this trail.
  3. Enjoy a break before the next section of singletrack cutting through the woods.
  4. Undulating forest paths that are ideal for some gentle mountain biking.
  5. Non stop action on this wicked freeride trail. It's addictive to say the least. Even for a bakc country trail rider like myself. You'll be saying just one more jump.
  6. Mountain biking on a summers day, my personal idea of heaven.
  7. Not going to show the lake, we have to keep a few things from you!
  8. Just the stream, the forest and fast mountain biking routes on your holiday.
  9. One day, maybe one day I'll get an image somewhere in a magazine, without having to pay the advertising costs. I've a lot to learn though. Maybe Singletrack magazine are reading this.
  10. Mountain biking in this beautiful countryside. You have to stop sometimes.
  11. Look ahead about 5-7 metres so that you can pick your line and avoid any tricky trail sections if you want.
  12. Great singletrack riding right behind the farm.
  13. Oliver finishes the last trail of the day.
  14. Obviously this looks larger and scarier when you are on your bike!
  15. Fancy competing in 2008? no reason why you should not.
  16. Hard to find routes that we will take you on.
  17. She is just double checking how awful that cycling top is!
  18. Yours truely at the end of the descent from Lachtalalm.
  19. Fancy trying 88 km with 3200m vertical climb, if not there are other shorter courses to.
  20. Even the pros have to walk sometimes. You really can not blame them.
  21. Some XC routes to enjoy instead of always taking the uplifts.
  22. Easy going up and great fun coming down. Some of the many valleys in the skiwelt.
  23. Definitely wouldn't recommend having the tongue out, keep it safely in your mouth.
  24. This is what it is all around. Great tight, technical singletrack.
  25. You can take the bridge but this is more refreshing.
  26. The climbs can be tough but they are always rewarding.
  27. Bad photo of a great freeride trail. If you do not fancy the jumps there are chicken ways available.
  28. Fancy competing against these guys next year at Bike Infection.
  29. Take time to enjoy the view in between switchbacks and rocky descent.
  30. You will be smiling by the time you make it to the bottom.
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