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Around the farm

  1. Early spring before all the flowers have bloomed on the balconies
  2. From the table in the garden, plenty of mountain biking to be had in the woods that you can see.
  3. All rooms have balcony access, shower and toilet facilities.
  4. She is well looked after on the organic farm.
  5. Taken from one of the mountain paths that we will be cycling along.
  6. Spotted her when we were having breakfast at the farm, grabbed the camera and crept up on her.
  7. Barbara is proud of them and rightly so, they look great in full bloom.
  8. Some of the old farm equipment on show in the house.
  9. Comfy beds to rest your tired legs after a day mountain biking.
  10. Is it just me or does the cloud make the mountain look small. By the way its 2226m high.
  11. Wish I had spotted that the fella on the right was a bull. Had to make a sharp exit.
  12. Flowers all summer. Gives the chalets that picture postcard feel to them.
  13. Farm artifacts can be seen in every nook and crevice.
  14. Barbeques or apple strudel, it is great eating outside.
  15. Luna going about her own business.
  16. Wood carving at the farm. Personally I prefer the old man but you will have to see for yourself.
  17. Thought my time had come! Beautiful views towards Kufstein.
  18. Long story, but two male rabbits turned out to be one of each, here is the result.
  19. View to Tuxeck from the first floor balcony.
  20. It is tiring but lucky this field is flat enough to be harvested by tractor.
  21. Near our mountain hut a little west of Kitzbuhel.
  22. This guy was enjoying the music, dancing and especially the beer.
  23. Taken from the River Inn on a days cycling to Thiersee.
  24. Local traditional costumes at this important summer event.
  25. In the middle of nowhere with great mountain biking down to Fieberbrunn.
  26. Beautifully clear water, extremely cold though.
  27. Great meals if you want something other than traditional Austrian food.
  28. Fill up your camelbaks and water bottles before heading up the mountains.
  29. Tasty large portions, we'd recommend the Kaese spaetzle.
  30. Brass band music, good food and interesting local customs to be found.
  31. I want a tache like that!
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