- winter polo world cup -

fast hard polo actionI’ve never really thought of myself as a journalist and this blog post about the 7th Hypo Liechtenstein Snow Arena Polo World Cup 2009 is no exception!  However, there are some nice photos and I can tell you about what it’s like spending a day in Reith, enjoying the snow area polo.

We’ve visited the last two polo world cup events in Münichau, Reith, just on the outskirts of Kitzbuehel, only a 20 minute drive from our farm.  Both times were great fun, the day isn’t just about the polo, which is fast, skilful and entertaining toHorse clashing with playerwatch.  There is also Bentleys to admire and food to enjoy.  Also, if your into people watching this is a fantastic event to pass your time.

There are two choices, order VIP tickets (approx €160) and be wined and dined in style or stroll around the pitch and enjoy the food stalls and polo (standing room only).  The later is completely free and brings in a nice mix of locals, holiday guests and polo fans.

Needless to say we took the second option and watched some fantastic polo with a glass of gluehwein in hand.  The event is spread over three days with the tournament pool, semi-finals and finals.  There is a marked difference between the first day and the later rounds where the ponies are pushed harder and there is a more competitive edge to the matches.

the chase

The early rounds are fun too, showing a jovial and entertaining side to the winter polo world cup.  Unless you are contemplating the VIP route, try and choose days when the sun is out if possible as it can get bitterly cold later on in the afternoon.

There are some real characters present at the Polo arena.  Firstly, the commentary is excellent, shared between English and German, providing insight into the game of polo.  From explaining the rules (believe me, they are more complicated than I initially gave the game credit for), to geeing up the crowd and generally making the whole day more enjoyable.  Some of the players take the limelight as well, namely Thomas Winter and his groupies – affectionately known as the ‘first hooligans of Winter Polo’.  Players involved in this come from across the globe, America, Holland, Argentina and German.  It would be nice to see a few English players there as well one day…

Please enjoy the promo video we found from the Kitzbuehel Tourism Office.  We will definitely be returning in 2010.  The dates are Friday 15th January to Sunday 17th January.  If anyone has any questions, just add a comment below or get in touch with us and we’ll happily help you.