- what goes up -

After a relaxing day off, it was time to get back on the mountain bikes again. Time to see what these big mountains are all about. Today however, we’d be using the cable cars so there was to be no heaving ourselves up the mountains. Instead we sat back and enjoyed the somewhat foggy views.

It takes about 25 minutes to reach the top of our mountain peak and normally you come out of the lift station to a gorgeous view across the Wilder Kaiser, St. Johann and beyond. Today was foggy, visibility was down to about 25 meters, so caution was in order.

Steadily we made our way down the tracks to our first section of steep technical downhill. Again with Mike and Steve we took the section in stages to practise the skills we learnt the other day. We balanced across planks of wood and took on natural root steps. All the time learning a little more about riding out here in the Alps.

A couple of the routes combine fast sections with steep sections followed by some easy singletrack. Mixing things up keeps you on your toes and helps to ensure that you are always thinking what is coming up ahead.

Steve took a tumble on one of the routes much to Mike’s dismay because he didn’t see it! After checking over bike and body we carried on and decided to stop for a bite to eat at a small restaurant in the valley. We popped back to the farm for a short break and Mike and I spent a little time practising some trail skills.

Off we went again, more trails and a couple more trips up on the cable car before heading back to the farm all happy from a good days riding. Hot showers to revitalise the tired legs then downstairs for some home-made apple strudel to feed the tired Englanders.

So after a full day taking on the mountains, our guests headed out to the local Italian restaurant before getting an early night before taking on the trails again tomorrow.