- weisskopfkogel tour -

After checking the avalanche daily report and trying our best to judge the amount of snow at our start point. We chose a ski tour that started only half an hour from the farm. Just outside Kitzbuehel is a small village called Aurach. Famed mainly for a deer park during the summer. Today it was the beginning of our adventure to Gross Gebra.

Very cold weather, -9°C and an early start hence no sun yet made for a bitterly cold car park. We wanted to get going as quickly as possible to warm ourselves up. The first part of the tour was up a toboggan run. Picturesque views kept on distracting me and the camera was out every five minutes. I’ve managed to retain some of my fitness from the summer so I didn’t get left behind from my touring partner. After 45 minutes we were out from the trees and enjoying beautiful views of the sun popping over the mountain range. The sun was slowly lighting up the side of our ‘mountain of the day’. Or so we thought.

Maybe it was because this mountain looked so good that we just presumed it must be our climb. However after continuing up past a mountain hut (noted and logged for a beer afterwards) and a touch of Christmas joy – check out the photo! We soon realised that we’d be taking on a different summit. Speaking to a couple of locals they told us of our mistake. No problem, be followed a hardly looking local (saved us making our own tracks). The last 100 metres to the summit was tricky to say the least. However, I made it and took a moment to eat a sandwich lovingly prepared by Manu, take in the spectacular views and contemplate my descent from 1970 metres.

The temperature was probably around -17°C at the top and both of my camera batteries were struggling. Managed to snap off a couple of photos of the descent by warming the batteries in places we shall not mention. The descent was beautiful powder for the first five hundred vertical metres. After the temptation of the mountain hut and a quickly quaffed beer, we felt fully revitalised for the final descent back to the car. This was a mixture of fun powder and icy, stony sections. Luckily my skis are ancient so I wasn’t too bothered with the sickly sound of rock scraping ski bottom.

Overall a fantastic tour in an amazing location. We’ll definitely be returning to try some of the other peaks. Hopefully the ones that we plan to climb from the start!!