- weekly mountain bike news 30/8 -

an inspiration

We had just mountain biked up to the mountain hut and we were feeling deservedly tired from the 1000m climb. The beers had been opened and all were relaxing. Looked over and saw an elderly lady (guessing she was in her mid sixties). She was running down a mountain path and the only way she could have got there was if she’d run up the mountain as well. Fantastic effort, hope I’m that active when I’m her age.

  • Just down the road from us is Leogang Bike Park. Bike Radar have an interesting news article about a couple of events taking place. A dirt jump competition and a DH race.
  • Looks like an fantastic event, get a team together, a mountain runner, a paraglider, a whitewater kayaker and a mountain biker and enter the Red Bull Dolomitenmann Race. Well worth a quick pursue through.
  • We promise you this is the last Olympic post for a long time! Want to know how the Gold medal was won in the Mens XC Mountain bike race? Apart from the obvious, that he cycled faster than everybody else and no one overtook him.
  • Saw this mountain bike photo and it made me laugh…