- weekly cycling news 11/10 -

Autumn cows with the clouds in the valley

Looks like we are keeping the theme running this week as we have more cow images. If anyone (and I’m not expecting you will) can see something odd in this photo, drop us a comment, no prizes just kudos!

New bikes in England, toys for your mountain bikes and more news items…

  • Ever thought that people would be suggesting yoga to mountain bikers? Well Coach Levi believes there are gains to be had for improving your mountain biking. Having read the article I’d tend to agree. Not sure if I’m going to actually do any yoga though.
  • Want a mountain bike that will make others turn their heads? Take a look at these two articles. Sustainable mountain bikes and Gadgets for your mountain bike (the bottle opener made me chuckle).
  • Nice to see that my favourite county is trying to make it into UCI World Cross Country calendar with a track in Dalby Forest.
  • This article about Britain’s Ultimate Mountain Bike Endurance Event is interesting, just be sure to up the text size!
  • A previous news post of ours talked about KTM making it over the channel to England. Looks like Bike Doctor was impressed with KTM’s mountain bike offering. It’ll be interesting to see what price tag will be put on these great bikes.