- turtle club -

Noah in the TC hat

It seems like the titles for our blog posts are getting stranger and stranger. Is this a blog about winter skiing holidays and mountain bike holidays or just random ramblings? We promise we are on track. All the articles are about the time we’ve spent with our guests or the various events and activities that can be enjoyed whilst out here on holiday.

What is the Turtle Club then?

So to cut a long story short (but not necessarily less confusing)…. in Ollie’s own words

  • “Basically my mum was knitting hats for a sailors charity – I asked her to knit one for me for my birthday, my dad decided to name it after the dog (turtle) I added club to give it some “cool factor” – got it for my birthday – a few people asked if she would knit a hat for them – she said yes – someone suggested a group page on facebook – my mum said we should give the money to a turtle charity – the rest is history!”

Here’s the link if you want to check out their website on Facebook

Happy times on the slopes

Turtle Club

You’ll see the hat out on the mountain bike over the next few months, we need some more action shots of the hat to go in their photo section.

Action shot for the Turtle Club

Feel free to show your support for the Leatherback Turtle on the Facebook page.

Just joining the group is enough to make Ollie feel all happy, ordering a hat would just be the icing on the cake. Check out the selection of CTO (chief turtle officers!?!?) and maybe if your living in an unchartered location, primed full of great TC hat photo opportunities then you might be made a CTO as well (bet you can hardly wait!).  We were out for a fair amount of après whilst Ollie and friends were staying with us and needless to say the hat was out in the bars at every opportunity.

Finally check a short videos we made for them (more on their Facebook page)…