- top 3 in december -

We thought it would be fun to look back at the best of previous years articles and share a few links with you. It is interesting (at least for us!) to go back and see what was happening in years gone by. Here is a look at December in previous years.

  •   Local traditions – Krampus

    KrampusRead the article to understand why it is a good idea to scare your children senseless with these traditional creatures known as Krampus.

  •   Opening time again in the Skiwelt

    Skiwelt and the Wilder KaiserTime to get out your skis or booking your skiing holiday as it is that time of year again when the bikes have been put away for a while and we’re eager to jump on thin planks of wood and hurl ourselves down the slopes.

  •   Exploring the Skiwelt trails

    Brand new chairliftAs the mountain bike trails have been covers with snow it is time to get out and enjoy a whole new set of trails as snowboards and skiers carve out lines in the snow.