- top 10 scenic photographs -

All these photos were taken whilst out in the Skiwelt or surrounding area during the 2008 / 2009 winter season. We hope you enjoy the photos, please leave us a comment and let us know which you liked the most. So, in no particular order…


Hartkaiser above the clouds
1. Hartkaiser above the clouds

Taken from Brandstandl on an especially beautiful morning. Waiting for guests gives me a little extra time to take some scenic photos of the Skiwelt area. Black and white seemed appropriate with the snow, clouds and mountain range vista of the Wilder Kaiser and Hartkaiser.


Icarus in Austria
2. Icarus in Austria

A hot air balloon ride is a wonderful experience. Knowing the area so well from mountain biking, skiing and maps, the view from a basket 1800m up was a once in a lifetime experience. Vivid sunlight with a wide angle lens frames the photo with a view towards Kitzbuehlerhorn.


Never ending Branches
3. Never ending branches

On a chairlift in Scheffau, I fumbled around with my camera to try and catch this intriguing view. Waiting for as much light as I could to increase the depth of field hopefully adds to this random pattern. I don’t recommend grappling with ski poles and lenses whilst trying to take an opportunistic photo.


Koeglbahn skies
4. Koeglbahn skies

At the bottom of the Koeglbahn lift. The sky formation was simply stunning. I don’t think I did the view justice. Carrying a heavy tripod and filters isn’t really conducive to downhill skiing. Or any other skiing come to think of it.


Freshly rolled
5. Freshly rolled

Sometimes it is the little details that give the most striking images. To explain, the snow ball was about half the size of my fist and it is resting on freshly piste bashed snow. The sun was striking the ball and lines producing a heavy shadow that is almost abstract.


Westendorf summit
6. Westendorf summit

Westendorf is the hightest ski area in the Skiwelt region. When the heavy snow arrives, often it is accompanied with a strong wind which results in these beautifully sculpted snow mounds. The hand sign is for avalanche danger. I personally wasn’t planning on skiing off there anyway.


Twin peaks
7. Twin peaks

Very close to one of our favourite lunchtime spots. The Skiwelt is teeming with great little ‘alms’ serving gluehwein and homemade dishes. The beef goulash with dumplings was the best I think I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a few!).


Typisch Tirolerische
8. Typisch Tirolerische

In the past, these wooden turrets housed bells. Depending on the ring, it was either to tell the farm workers that food was on the table or that the farm was burning down. My father-in-law has a wealth of interesting facts that are stored deep in his memory.


On the flat
9. On the flat

Behind the farm, cross country skiing is an alternative to the frantic pursuits of downhill skiing in the Skiwelt. Both traditional and Olympic skiing is possible. If you are unsure of the difference…one looks like you are waddling like a duck, the other that you are milking a rather large cow.


Half done
10. Half done

An impressive sight as these ‘beasts’ head up and down the mountain. Flattening and grooming the snow so that skiers can enjoy the slopes as much as possible. These guys work hard overnight to cover the huge ski area. Left side is to do, right side is completed.