- top 10 mtb photos -

As the 2009 season finishes we thought we’d take a look through our archives and pull together our favourite mountain biking photos from this season. Any one who photographs mountain biking knows, the battle is in the preparation and set up of each particular shot. However, we guide, the photos come second. We did manage to snap a few images though, that both we and our guests enjoyed.

So, in no particular order…

Tyre treads
1. Tyre Treads

Just a small compact camera, a little casio, however it managed to achieve quite a nice depth of field. Snapped just after a steep wooded section before linking into another section of alpine wooded singletrack.


All day epics
2. All day epics

Sometimes on certain sections we get the opportunity to fire off a couple of shots. Here is an example of a shot hastily taken. The majority of work on this image was achieved back on the computer. Normal digital workflow – colour correction through to sharpening.


Dappled light
3. Dappled light

Sometimes when you look back up a section of trail, the light is good, the rider is in a great position and you sort of ‘see’ the photo before you take it. In an ideal world you’d compose, test and maybe ask the rider to ride through a section a number of times. Guests don’t like that :) so things are a little hit or miss, luckily we ride loads of trails!


Downhill bliss
4. Downhill bliss

The trail is one of our favourites now and this spot is just so picturesque, it’s just dying to have it’s photo taken. Riding with two great guests really makes this image for me. Interesting rider angle plus the reflection in the water of the clouds.


Fun tight singletrack
5. Fun tight singletrack

We’ve never seen another rider on this trail, that didn’t stop Josh and Dave ripping it up in style though. This section was one of the flatter parts before running along a ridge in the forest. Hence a quick stop to talk through the section and point out a few of the potential dangers.


Wall Ride
6. Wall Ride

At the bike park there are challenges for all levels of riders. This rider was enjoying one of the numerous wall rides on the most popular freeride trail at the park. To get the most out of a day at the park, be sure to be riding a good freeride setup.


From the light
7. From the light

For me photos sometimes don’t have to be technically perfect (although it always helps!). Here is a good example. With the strong bright light behind, the rider produces an interesting silhouette whilst still retaining some detail in the gnarly roots on the trail.


Beginners Singletrack
8. Beginners Singletrack

Gentle singletrack can be just as fun as the steep stuff. Especially if the wrists have taken a bashing with a full uplift day. This singletrack winds it way through forest and along fields back to the farm. A nice end to the day.


9. 26trix

Just one of the mad tricks these dirt jump riders were nailing in the 26trix competition over in Leogang. A great atmosphere and loads of opportunities for photographs.


Deep in cover
10. Deep in cover

Finishing off with another snap from the point and shoot casio. In this small section of trail you really feel though you are going into the unknown. Maybe that is why these two guests are so close to each other!