- top 10 guest photographs -

This time our top 10 photos are of our guests whilst out in the Skiwelt or surrounding area during the 2008 / 2009 winter season. Please leave us a comment and let us know which photos you liked the most. We have also produced our top 10 scenic photos for the 2008/2009 season.

So, in no particular order…

Above the clouds
1. Above the clouds

Over in Westendorf  this year the Skiwelt has created a beautiful new run (to go along side a beautiful new lift).  At the top of the piste is a gentle blue run that sweeps around the mountain side treating you to a stunning view of the Wilder Kaiser mountain range.


Take off
2. Take off

One flash and a very energetic child made for a fun but somewhat cold evening on the snow chute that we made at the farm  (no children or expensive camera equipment were harmed in this photo).  Flash just below ramp height to the left of the photographer.


Making tracks
3. Making tracks

Photographs with simple shapes can make interesting view.  I was pleased with the results here of the shadow of the cross country skier and the bumps and tracks made in the snow.  This was taken from a hot air balloon, with a 400mm lense.


4. Charge!

If my memory serves me correctly this was taken in the semi final match of the winter polo compeition.  I enjoyed the photo mainly because of the main riders concentrating and determination to be the first to the ball.  The expressions of the players behind add more of a story to the photo.


The lonely path
5. The lonely path

Quiet landscapes and interesting skies make for a powerful image.  The climb up to Schafsiedel (a little late in the day) gave me the ingredients for this photograph.  Timing was important to get the tourer whilst he was at full stretch, to show determination and balance.


I made it down
6. I made it down

The look on someones face can tell a story, read what you want into this image.  For me Ollie was partly pleased at making it down the mountain safely but also he was enjoying watching his mates tumble and fall.  Tired legs and a couple of beers can be a dodgy combination.


Skiing stories
7. Skiing stories

Six skiers, three are our guests.  Can you guess which?  All having a different experience on the slopes.   This is on a section of red / black piste heading down to the middle station in Scheffau.  The conditions here can vary vastly from smooth and steep to bumpy and icy.


It could have been worse
8. It could have been worse

Just to the right is a large jump (honest).  Westendorf has a fantastic snowpark where the young ones happily jump, spin and style it out on the slopes.  The slightly older ones aren’t quite so graceful.  Spend an afternoon testing your skills and realising that you just aren’t quite as nimble and flexible as you used to be.


Tentative turns
9. Tentative turns

The title is appropriate to the photo unless you know this little lad.  We was a demon on the slopes, enjoying red runs where others were taking it steady.  The reassuring voice of his dad not a far behind was confidence enough.  Deep shadows in the snow on one of the last runs of the day.


The only single chair left
10. The only single chairlift

It won’t be long until there aren’t anymore single chairlifts in the Skiwelt.  This isn’t a bad thing, but they do make for nice photos.  This one is at the top of Westendorf on a cloudy yet sunny day.