- tobogganing the austrian way -

If we aren’t skiing or snowboarding on the mountains then we need to find other methods of sliding around the countryside. Cue, tobogganing. Bum board, shovels, inflatable tyres, formula one racing cars, or the traditional wooden toboggan. All are fun and equally adept at bruising your coccyx.

As some of our readers might have figured out, we live in the grounds of the farm with various family members dotted around the landscape. Manu’s uncle, our next door neighbour, is a legend at setting up and carving the kiddie luge at the farm. When the heavy snow comes down, the next morning he’ll be out with snow shovel building, repairing and generally improving the serpentine luge. Sometimes he’s also spotted with a watering can, icing the slope last thing at night.

This is great fun for the children (and adults!). Sat on the circular plastic trays and spinning down the luge is a laugh. However, if you want to do the adult course, then this is as close to hardcore as it gets. Just up in the village there is a 4.5km toboggan run winding its way through the mountain forests before spitting you back out at the chair lift for you to do it all again. Day time or night time action is available. We’ve been doing tobogganing evenings for a while now.

It goes sometime like this… finish sking, get in a little apres ski before hiring toboggans at the bottom of the chairlift around 7, head to the top of the mountain and maybe have a cheeky schnapps before hurtling down the mountain. Repeat until hungry. Eat at the mountain top restaurant, great food in a wonderful setting with a large open fire. More drinking then fly down the mountain one final time!

If this isn’t enough tobogganing action for you, there are another four toboggan tracks in Scheffau, Soell and other nearby villages to tackle.