- snowy roads and big bumps -

Good skiing technique

Each day we looked out the window and checked the website. Sunday is going to be sunny, it might not look like it but if the internet says so then it must be true. We had two families that were getting to grips with the slopes in Scheffau. The ‘blue from the top‘ was old hat now and it was time to explore further afield. We do manage time to get out with the guests to explore the mountains and take a load of photos which we all look at in the evening over a glass of home-made schnapps.

Hitting the deck

Strangely enough the internet was spot on

and we loaded up the minivan and headed over to Scheffau to enjoy a day out on the slopes. Everyone had an enjoyable time. Seeing new parts of the Skiwelt is great for guests and the

gentle quiet snow covered roads were a perfect way to warm up aching muscles and shake any nerves away.

We set a steadyskiing through the woods pace (except Gary!) and worked our way down to Ellmau to enjoy a well earned beer / vodka whilst soaking in a few rays. It was a pleasure to ski with this group, there was plenty of joking around, some a little more vocal than others, but you could see everyone improving their skiing by the end of the day. There were a few tumbles (Debs) but the snow was soft and it is good way to know if you are pushing yourself just a little too hard (or your legs are just plain tired).

The slopes back to Scheffau were getting pretty cut up by the end of the day. I really enjoy listening to everyone and even though some slopes were just outside peoples comfort zones; you could tell everyone was chuffed how far they had come today. – ‘Look what we’ve just bloody come down!’ Check out a load more of the photos on the UpandDownhill Winter Holidays website.