- snow storms in october -

apples and snowHeading into the last couple of weeks of the guiding season and lo and behold we get a huge cold front coming our way. After a little dreary rain, the weather took a turn for the worse and the temperature plummeted. Needless to say this meant the snow was soon to come. It did. The whole of the area covered in a blanket of the white stuff. Whilst we were out biking, others were dabbling with the first ski touring of the season.

snow bridge Time to get creative and dig out those routes that only head up the valley sides a little way. After the initial shock of the crunch of snow, the recently slippery fallen leaves and patches of ice under the wheels we realised this could be a laugh. The uphills became more enjoyable, we began to feel our toes again as blood was pumped around the body. Trails in the snowThe downhills were a little slower than normal due to all the hidden traps, snow, hiding leaves, hiding roots!

Steaming hot Glühwein and chocolate with rum waiting back at the farm after some of our colder rides was heaven. Thanks Manu! Then in the evening we cooked traditional Austrian food. Dumplings, strüdels, sausages, good hearty food to warm and fill the body ready for the next day on the piste oops, trails.

Already looking forward to the 2010 season, just a bit of skiing first.