- skiing isn’t everything -

Our toboggan chuteOver the last few weeks, we’ve shown you many photos (lots more on our flickr page and our guest gallery) and written about our adventures skiing with the guests. There has been the occasional event that we’ve written about, for example, winter polo and hot air ballooning.   However, if downhill skiing isn’t for you then hopefully this article will show you a glimpse of some of the other activities that take place at the farm and surrounding area.

Like ducks to water, kids to snow is a given.  Open the front door and they’ll be out like a shot making snow angels.  This year the snow has been great.

Content on the toboggan

With the abundance of family nephews and nieces popping up at an alarming rate and our guests, we decided to build a toboggan chute for the children.

Hans, Manu’s uncle has to be given all the credit, he spent hours, building, sculpting and watering (to freeze and harden) the chute so that it flung you from berm to berm.  To be honest, the adults used the chute just as much as the children, and why not!

People have enjoyed the cross country ski tracks from the back of the farm. These tracks, which are maintained by the Skiwelt, link into a huge network of cross country trails.

Cross country skiing tracks

So whether you enjoy, traditional or Olympic style cross country skiing just head on out. There are no lift tickets to purchase so you get to save a few pennies as well. A bit worried about getting on the skis? Then there are walking routes alongside or nearby the cross country tracks so you can enjoy the scenery at a more leisurely pace.

If all this sounds too energetic then we can just order you a horse drawn sledge ride instead. It will take you through snowy woods whilst you keep warm under heavy blankets. Drinking gluehwein is an absolute must if you are going to enjoy this traditional Tyrolean activity.

We hope this gives you a tiny taster of the ‘other side’ of a winter holiday in Ellmau. Thanks. Manu, Keith and Noah.