- skiing holidays and snow fun -

Our latest day by day quick snippets of news and activities that we have been up to. Loads of skiing, some snow photos that might even be deeper than England and just a little bit of mountain biking. Also included are a few photos that we’ve taken on the mobile as well…

  • Full house at the moment adults and kids everywhere
  • 21 of our guests are out tobogganing tonight, serious carnage over 4.5km
  • another 5:45am start tomorrow, must get some sleep now!
  • Editing video for guests, lets see if my computer is up to the challenge
  • What a busy couple of weeks, 3 days rest then back to it again
  • Loads I want to write about, winter polo, day trip to st anton, many a beer and daft antics on the slopes
  • Best thing is we just received a big dumping of snow and more to come in a couple of days time
  • Good meeting last night looks like we should get a couple of intense 5.5/6.6 to hire this coming season

  • http://twitpic.com/115mui – snowing heavily at the farm at the moment, spaces still available in march
  • off to the Red Bull Bar
  • collecting guests

  • http://twitpic.com/xnvgr I'm not going out today the webcam looks like a tornado is coming over Scheffau!!

  • http://twitpic.com/xru4p – just had a fresh dump of snow last night the mountains are looking great as the sun comes up
  • festive treat on our tour
    Photo… festive treat on our tour http://bit.ly/7vf6YG
  • Don't go too close...
    Photo… Don't go too close… http://bit.ly/8lEEz6
  • nice morning skiing and made a gate which I'm rather proud of
  • Blog post : Weisskopfkugel ski tour – http://bit.ly/86x8Ba
  • aaah the joys of parenthood, giving your toddler a big smooch but not realising their nose was streaming!!
  • What a great idea, somewhat flawed but still pretty cool – http://bit.ly/8xAly9
  • Great day, iced our kiddie luge track and got Noah on skis for the first time, proud dad!

  • http://twitpic.com/whybx – our destination in the distance, this is going to be one heck of a descent!
  • 6 days skiing on the trot, including two ski tours, erm time to rest by cleaning the chalet and a 1001 other odd jobs