- scheffau 30000 -

View from ScheffauScheffau 30,000 is my own little attempt to challenge myself on a full days skiing. The 30,000 relates to trying to complete 30,000 vertical metres of descent in one day. There are a number of factors that will make this possible or not. Should be fun trying though. Let us know if any of you also set yourself little challenges like this, I’d be really interested to here. You can use the comments section at the bottom of this page.

  • The weather – if its too foggy or there is too much snow then it’ll be impossible to cover the distance quick enough.
  • The lift speed – if the slopes and queues are quiet then the lift runs at a slower speed up to 50% slower which will make a big difference to skiing the whole day.
  • My fitness – I feel fit but have never tried something like this, I’ve done a few trial runs and a few calculations and I know it is possible, if everything comes together.

So there it is, a small challenge but something different to try. I’ll be able to check the results of the days skiing by using the http://www.skiline.cc website. However, to make things more fun I’ll be sending live updates to my twitter account – Twitter @MTB_Keith which will also automatically update our upandDownhill blog site (look for the blue bird).

Every run will be 960m of vertical descent and I’m hoping to complete it in an average of 4.5mins per run. This is a little optimistic but I like a challenge! Depending on the lift speed, I’ll be trying to average 3.5 – 4 runs per hour so at a push I will be able to hit my goal of 30,000m.

Above is a small video I made a few weeks back that combines two runs of the Scheffau downhill route I’ll be taking (a little bit more of a scenic route). My plan is to update twitter every other run (as I doubt the battery will last if I do more!). I’ll be sharing piste conditions and how tired I’m getting amongst other things. Here is the twitter #scheffau3000 hashtag search.

This year will be trying Scheffau – it isn’t the fastest lift but it is right next to the farm. It is easily possible to clear 33000m in Soll. Maybe I’ll try that next year if I enjoy this one!