- Polish downhill -

In the woodsWhen the first words you hear at the top of the mountain are ‘vodka’ then you start to wonder how will this long weekend pan out for the guests. Little did I realise that a similar sounding word to vodka means photo. Much more acceptable at 10 o’clock in the morning! After a few confused conversations about the differences between schnapps and vodka we all realised the mistake and photographs were taken, instead of trying to find a bar that was open!

With downhill routes (i.e. lifts a must!) being a premium requirement, soon we started cutting trails through the trees, carving lines for the mountain bikes that made the guests hearts “bounce”. It is a great feeling for me to take guests on their first steep Alpine trail and see their reaction and excitement at being able to do it. Steep trails aren’t necessarily harder they just need a slightly different mindset. Coupled with a confidence in the bike that you are riding and especially the brakes! TiresEven having done a pre-ride bike check, brakes were a slight problem for Darek, maybe a slightly pinched cable in the car when travelling from Poland. This meant that after four hours of hard technical riding the cable started to leak a little oil, very soon we had a dead rear brake on our hands. No problems, slowly into the village to get it sorted!

It was embarrassing how little I know about the Eastern European countries but after sharing a few glasses of wine, beer and schnapps we were starting to understand the differences between our various cultures. One thing was good to know, that our Polish guests were happy to try the technical descents, whilst we watched the Germans cycling up the mountains with impeccably clean clothes and showroom quality cycles.

DescendingWithout a huge amount of mountain experience by the end of the second days mountain biking the legs and arms were starting to feel it. So after a few Weissbier the guests decided to chill out and reax in the local sauna. Then off to enjoy some fine Austrian cuisine in our neighbouring village. Many a schnapps was drunk, just be warned don’t have a turnip schnapps as your last one. The taste isn’t exactly good!!

More photos (of the biking not the schnapps drinking) of our Polish friends in action in the Alps on our guest holiday photo gallery.