- one month of biking -

Our latest twitter snippets of news and activities that we have been up to for the whole month! Some great mountain biking, a fair bit of drinking and even a little marmot spotting. We also try and include a few photos that we’ve taken on the mobile as well.

  • cleaning pen scribbles off the wall, thanks Jakob!
  • Prost!
    Photo… Prost! http://bit.ly/30sAub
  • Getting ready for canyoning
    Photo… Getting ready for canyoning http://bit.ly/1a141C
  • Blog post – "A Greek Adventure" … http://bit.ly/3wQc6a
  • shame I couldn't be in Schladming this year, watch on freecaster instead with my little lad
  • Really exciting final round in Schladming, enjoy it if you haven't watched it yet!!
  • just over indulged, 2 slices of peach cream cake, 1 slice blueberry cream cake and a piece of apple strudel (with cream) – burp
  • no sleep, very energetic baby, tired now, quiet day thankfully
  • mtbing with a couple of Polish guys for the weekend, should be fun
  • enjoying the european way and relaxing with a black coffee

  • http://twitpic.com/ixjra – new lift and ski run being built near to us, should be fun trying it out

  • http://twitpic.com/ixtyz – very sophisticated we are on to the wine now zweigelt the grape of the future!
  • off to find marmots today

  • http://twitpic.com/j22px – my new favourite weissbier
  • oh dear god the polish can drink alot!!!!!
  • Blog post… "The Neeps in Austria" – http://bit.ly/E7xo1
  • Berms and farmhouses
    Photo… Berms and farmhouses http://bit.ly/osvwI
  • An infinity lake
    Photo… An infinity lake http://bit.ly/qWGy6
  • airport drop off then a weeks holiday – think I'll go mountain biking!
  • time to catch up on a few blog posts, then a load of photos, then out to check out a new route for 2010
  • Blog post – "Last minute MTB holiday" – http://bit.ly/KtrPf
  • Freeride in Kitzbuehel
    Photo… Freeride in Kitzbuehel http://bit.ly/Krqts
  • Festival beer
    Photo… Festival beer http://bit.ly/FG4KC
  • top notch day, bit of work in the morning and the afternoon route finding, a bit of hike the bike but some great trails right near the farm

  • http://twitpic.com/i1uhm – simple but strangely appealing
  • off to find my family, probably playing on slide or building a rabbit hutch
  • cleaning flats and extending the vegetable garden today, the courgettes are taking over!

  • http://twitpic.com/iaaut – have you ever seen a tire like it? the rim is fine

  • http://twitpic.com/if7qp – the inner of the intense 2.0 tire
  • Backerbsen soup, Meat with lots of sauerkraut and tatties followed by traditional rice pudding, maybe today is the day I clear 57kg
  • couple of beers in town, went down very well, off to Kitzbuehel tomorrow with guest

  • http://twitpic.com/h6q2n – tough trails so only a shady for lunch
  • helped an elderly walker that had slipped off the side of the trail, thankfully she was more shocked than anything. My 300m run was tiring!
  • hot one today, hopefully the mountain lake will take the edge off the heat
  • broken gear shifter today (that's a first), otherwise a great fun little run out with our guests
  • Learning the berms
    Photo… Learning the berms http://bit.ly/jFJeK
  • Heavy storm creates obstacles
    Photo… Heavy storm creates obstacles http://bit.ly/tLchv
  • Nice and gentle lift day today, good fun, best thing – found a great mountain hut that serves the biggest slices of apple struedel
  • Day off today – oh joy, fixing a small leak, accounts, cleaning our house, watering garden – I like my work days :)
  • going to try out ubuntu livecd – any tips?