- mountain bike holiday in photos and video -

Instead of our normal format, we thought we’d just choose our favourite nine holiday photos from our group back in October. However, to start things off here is a video we put together of the mountain bike holiday made up of various trails in and around our part of the Austrian Alps. Loads of mountain biking on singletrack, plus a couple of fun trails in Kitzbuehel and a rather bizarre crash at about 2m30s. Cheers Phil.

A selection of mountain biking photos. Hopefully these are a little better than holiday snaps…

Two mountain bikers on Alps singletrack

After a testing little climb, our holiday guests were treated to a traditional Alpine hut with homemade beer. After indulging we enjoyed this technical singletrack. A nice introduction for the rest of the week.

Riding in the forests on a foggy morning

After the cable car ride up through the clouds the descent was imminent. A three hundred metre coast down was then followed up with a section in the woods. The clouds were thick and visibility was extremely poor. To make matters even trickier the trail had been re-routed due to some road building work.

Wilder Kaiser Austrian Alps mountain biker on holiday

We enjoy riding with our holiday guests in the Wilder Kaiser. Due to the lack of cable cars on this side of the valley. There are fewer people and the trails just seem that little bit sweeter.

Panning shot of mountain biker on holiday

Phil (on his bike) after a step section. These steps are great fun. All uneven and with a couple of turns needed on them as well. Good balance and a little nerve will see you through them fine though. As long as it hasn’t been raining.

Ehrenbach Trail in Kitzbuehel on a steep section

With new investment due next year the Ehrenbach Trail is a must for our holiday guests. A good mixture of steep descents, technical rooty sections and the odd jump thrown in too. One day I’ll be able to show the full extent of the steepness of this section of the trail.

A short steep descent, rider over the back of his saddle. Good technique

A good position on the bike is important for obvious reasons. Strong arms and shoulders are needed to ensure that the bike doesn’t twist when you level out. Practice this sort of obstacle and it will soon become second nature. Believe us when we say there will be plenty of these challenges whilst you are on holiday.

Beautiful views of the Wilder Kaiser in the Austrian Alps

As mentioned above, a day above the clouds in the Wilder Kaiser. The Austrian Alps are truly stunning throughout the whole year. I have a special spot for days like this though. Dull and cloudy in the valley with beautiful sunshine at 1600m.

Female rider riding through a steep switchback section

Switchbacks (steep, tight corners) are another obstacle that you’ll come across a lot of in the alps. Each switchback will be subtly different. Whether it is a couple of annoyingly placed rocks, a tight exit or a sudden change of angle. Again practice when you can and you’ll be clearing them all with a grin on your face.