- More bike photos -

A selection of images that we’ve enjoyed looking at, obviously based around the theme of bicycles! Must be the mood that I’m in as this seems to be more of a critique this week.

the challenge – by marcogiumelli

Nice concept. Strange place to be learning to ride though. All looks a little sinister! Over here we go more for the push bikes than the stabilisers.

bike – by ilker_yasin_gul

Definitely needs to get a spray of de-ruster on that bike. Does match his tan nicely though. The dog helps to fill the frame. Shame there is that shadow cast across it though, all a bit distracting.

Silent Night – by AladinHSharawy

On first look a nice night scence. Having gone back to this shot a couple of times though, the use of filtering seems a bit too full on. The filter change that takes place on the pavement was the dodgy section for me. The bike pointing down the leading line is spot on though.

BMX Tailtap – by Jezu

Cracking shot, nice and tight with good facial expression and great post-processing. The fact that the rider is leaning in towards the basin again makes the image for me.

bike rider in Hanoi – by c4hemind

Classic, simple. I’m always a sucker for these shots. Not the best I’ve seen but enjoyed the traditional rider with hat and the cars in the background.

Kai Bilgeri – 180 – by LuiSummer

Nice trails with the sharp jumper and the rotating blurred background. Sometimes for me it isn’t important whether this was heavily processed or skilled photography in the field. The image is what counts and this is well balanced, sharp and interesting.

Wallride otto – by tomaspopi

Probably my favourite photo of this batch. The colours are fantastic, a little dreamy and the balance between the helmet and the wall is 100%. To top it off, the position of the sun and its rays make this an amazing photograph.

MTB // Keep it low – by OllyJ

Black and white mountain bike photography. This is the area that really got me interested and this image is good one. Shapes and framing are even more important in black and white photography. The trees split the rider nicely and the mountain provide some nice interested for the riders pose.

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