- men’s UCI XCO World Championships -

After exciting women’s final there was a short break to grab some food or just enjoy the sunshine. Then the crowds headed back to the woods to find the best places to view the men’s race. There were definite camps for the various countries and it was great seeing the number of the women’s racers stayed out to watch the race as well. Instead of watching the start again, we camped out early in the woods.

Gritty climb for Markt

Team Austria came in mid table for the women’s race and therefore high hopes were on Markt for a good placing. He definitely wasn’t lacking in determination.

France's Marotte finishes mid table

If the course hadn’t been in such good condition (especially out of the woods), I doubt the riders would be able to hit these corners with such speed.

Mountain biker concentrating on a climb

They often say that sports photography is all about the action and the facial expressions. Hard sometimes to get both but I was pleased with the sternness in this riders eyes.

Spain's Carlos Coloma Nicolas

Even after slogging around the course for over an hour Spain’s Carlos Coloma Nicolas still had the energy for a little show boating on one of the final jumps of the course.

Italy's Fontana finishes in 7th place

Happy with the position I found for these shots. It was just after a climb so the riders were all pretty knackered (the technical jargon is very important!)

Lukas Flueckiger on singletrack

A little stab at some black and white photography. Second place rider Flueckiger taking on the singletrack.

A tricky technical section

I would be nice to get a chance to try and ride some of these trails. Obviously at a much slower pace. I doubt I’d be riding them of a bike worth probably about €10,000.

Second place rider Lukas Flueckiger

Flueckiger holding onto second place on the last lap of the UCI XCO Men’s World Championships. Looks like 29ers were definitely the bikes for the race. There were one or two of the new 650b but a distinct lack of 26inch wheels.

Julien Absalon

One of the favourite riders on the circuit Julien Absalon takes fourth place after a technical problem in the Olympics.