- how to ski in the fog -

foggy times

A bright blue sky with crisp fresh snow would be bliss for any budding skier. Mountains can provide such conditions and they are wonderful when they do. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. The snow has to get here somehow and the snow gods don’t always drop the snow over night. What advise would we give to people that were going to venture up the mountains when the weather isn’t so clement?

Below is by no means an exhaustive list, just some common sense pointers to provoke thought.

  • Never ski alone.
  • Only ski on routes / slopes that you know.
  • Carry a fully charged phone and spare battery.
  • Ski close together and ski steady, always wait and allow rest for the slowest group member.  It isn’t a race in the these conditions.
  • Take breaks in the worst spells, weather can change very quickly. Rest up and enjoy a drink or some food at the mountain huts.
  • Allow ways err on the side of caution. If anyone isn’t happy, get off the mountain. You can often take the lifts down as well as up (not the chair lifts).
  • Good quality googles can help with visibility, personally I use orange tinted but other prefer yellow or brown.

It is amazing how a slope can change when the fog comes in. We were skiing with guests recently on a piste that we regularly use.

Drinking from the big one

The visibility dropped to less than 10 metres and the guests (who had all skied the slope before) were slightly disorientated. As the piste was quite wide, you couldn’t see the piste markers clearly, instead we all stood very quietly and listened.

We knew there was a restaurant further down the slope and it was easy to hear the music playing when everything was still.

now for some skiing

Slowly we made our way towards the restaurant and settled in for a mornings coffee.

This was the plan of a few others on the slopes as well. However, I reckon they were planning on staying a while longer. The beer and schnapps were already flowing. The sun (if there was any!!) wasn’t yet over the yardarm.

Patience did prevail and the weather cleared slightly and by the afternoon there were even a couple of sunny spells. At last I was able catch up some time and make good work of the camera! More photos available to view in our winter holidays gallery