- holiday guest for a day -

Fun mountain bikingWe prefer a planned weeks riding with guests but if they are not able to come out for the whole week and just want to get a day or so mountain biking then we’ll try our best to help. For a single day, the Skiwelt lift card is the best choice and allowed us to get up to 1650m in Scheffau, bike down to Brixten, enjoy Westendorf and still have time to take the funicular train to the top of Ellmau for more great mountain biking.

Once we’d kitted out, check the bikes. I like to run a quick skills route. Just takes in a small climb, some singletrack, a steeper descent and a little carrying. Finding singletrack in AustriaIt is the perfect way to check out how riders will fare on the larger mountains and the trickier mountain tracks that I have up my sleeves!

One of the great things about mountain biking in Austria is that the routes are a mixture of bumpy farm tracks that hairpin up (and down) the mountain and steeper trails that the more direct route downhill. Therefore if at any time you want a change then you can usually get back on the farm tracks and enjoy the faster pace on these roads.

Enjoyed a pint of beer and a big plate of fried eggs and bacon Austrian style, served in a sizzling hot pan on a wooden block. Location to remain secret, we enjoy taking guests to this little mountain restaurant that is hidden away in a quiet valley. Arrived back at the farm around five o’clock to a big slice of cake. All in all, no incidents, guide and guest enjoying a fantastic days mountain biking.