- A few favourite cycling photos -

A selection of images that we’ve enjoyed looking at, obviously based around the theme of bicycles!

LOW RIDER GIRL – by andrespinzon

Now this has to catch your attention.  Freaky, a little scary and just plain interesting.  There is a bit too much background noise, with the grill and the bonnet of the car behind.  Else, you could say this just places the model / skeleton in the right environment.

The Old Bike Shed – by wmdore

Deep rich colours with and interesting twist that the angle of the bike looks up at the ruined roof.  Add to this, that the grass is all shabby, gives a great atmospheric photo.

Bike on Southbank – by MatthewCrozer

De-saturated photo with a nice panning of the lights.  The focus is a little soft but the effect is really nice.  The added vignetting creates interesting subject matter.

Dirt San Ignacio – by tomaspopi

Top action photo.  Great black and white editing.  The parts of the photo that are most enjoyable for me, is the dust off the lip of the jump.  The light hitting the riders helmet.  The riders tongue sticking out and the skill of the rider.  Also the shadow of the wheel on the landing of the jump, finishes off a great photo.


Abandoned Bicycle – by 246photo

A simple photo with an almost Salvador Dali feel to it.  Damaged bikes often make good photos.  There is story, simplicity and emotion in these images.  This one hits the spot for me.


Mumbai – by repponen

Lovely tack sharp images of a cyclist in Mumbai.  The fact that the cyclist is staring at the photographer doesn’t take away from the photo.   Even though the photographer probably doesn’t know the cyclist, the portrait is make better.  Add in a little dodge and burn on the right side of the photo to give focus to the bike and you have a lovely photo.


Capitol Bike – by GerOtero 
Nothing exceptionally wow. Just a nice contrast between the red bike and the blues of the water and the sky.

Rust – by andrewironside

So how much of the wheel is there.  Nice shot with a touch of vignetting to focus the viewer.  The blurred twig in the foreground also makes the photo.


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