- different groups, different fun -


One time when we are out with guests, it might be with a group of lads looking for a ski crawl (as I’ve just decided to call it!). A different group might want to explore the far corners of the Skiwelt and notch up as many ski runs as possible. Others just want to improve their technique. Whatever the reason for going skiing, the fact is, everyone is out there enjoying the outdoor life and having a laugh.

The group we were skiing with today were great fun. We’ve skied many years with roughly the same group and watched their children grow up into very good skiers. In fact, Manu taught their mother to ski sevenBradley the little legend

years ago.  Since then there is a new addition to the family, he’s a bit of a little legend and is taking to the slopes with style. Not bad for a four year old!

We spend nearly the whole day together skiing as a group, there were eight of us in total. We darted into the woods along bumpy track, navigated our way through mogul fields and found the best jumps to muck around on. We haven’t even mentioned the snow yet. It was truly top class, fresh, deep powder for everyone to fight theirEnjoying the powder with the family

way though. It gave everyone the confidence to make bigger jumps and push their limits just that little bit further.

Notable moments were the deep powder back down to Scheffau. Cries of ‘Mushy‘ as we entered various bars through out the day (bit of an in-joke this one; first person that adds a comment asking what it’s all about will receive the answer – be warned!). Hope you enjoyed the photos here, we have a lot more on show at our guests winter gallery, again sorry for a late blog report, this group was ‘Lucas family and friends‘.

So whatever type of group you are planning to ski in there is alway a great day to had out on the slopes.  In my humble option, Ellmau and Scheffau just get better year after year.