- beginners in the Austrian alps -

Riders enjoying a mountain path

Our group this week was well suited. A couple from London with minimal mountain biking experience, especially in the alps. They were joined by a gentleman later in the week who although had done a fair amount of alpine riding was more than happy to take a steady, leisurely pace. Therefore we had loads of time to develop everyones skills and practice some specific exercises.

It is my ideal that riders should be comfortable, but pushed when trying mountain biking in the Alps. This is by mixing easy sections with a few trickier ones throughout the day. Everyone tackled some short steep descents and confidence bloomed.

Also it was discussed that food was important. If we’re in Austria lets do it properly. Therefore, we included planned detours to the best mountain huts where we dined on deer ragout, dumblings and other traditional delights throughout the week. Due to the hearty midday eating we definitely took things steady early afternoon with limited amounts of climbing.

Two mountain bikers about to take on a steep switchback

On last morning of riding, our couple from London decided to stay at the chalet. So Chris and I headed out for a couple of hours and managed to cover a good distance. We included a very steep ascent before flying back down on of our secret gems. Quite flowy singletrack before it became a wider and rockier towards the end. Finally shooting out through the woods back onto the valley cycle pathways. A nice breath of fresh air before the trip back to Munich airport in the afternoon.