- austrian weddings and mtb videos -

Our latest twitter snippets of news and activities that we have been up to. Weddings, trail building and some needed family time. We also try and include a few photos that we’ve taken on the mobile as well.

  • top weekend, first an Austrian wedding then a day at home with the family, watching the little one eating bread the same size as himself
  • Don't think I'll be trying this sport this winter season!!! – http://bit.ly/1cYnWj
  • Out to plan the first stages of our practice trail in our forest, looking forward to it, first let the frost clear and the breakfast settle

  • Marmot checking our trails out – as promised – http://twitpic.com/n8njc

  • Bread the size of a small boy (it's supposed to be a deer) – http://twitpic.com/n8now
  • Where to start with the forest! I know where I can't go, other than that it's a clean sheet (with lots of trees in it)
  • erm what to do with a foot long root of horseradish, I'd need plenty of beef to go with this…
  • eek, we are in trouble, our 11 months old has just climbed to the top of a step ladder
  • Blog post – 'top 10 mtb photos' – http://bit.ly/3G9AOk – a selection of MTB photos from our 2009 season, let us know your fave!
  • Looking very white at 1300m – http://bit.ly/2U8j2w
  • Sweet trails
    Photo… Sweet trails http://bit.ly/4kch8H
  • Meandering trails
    Photo… Meandering trails http://bit.ly/4vbcKq
  • repairing all the punctures from the season, much better (and greener) than throwing them all away.
  • http://bit.ly/49Dr8d – we made a Promo video, take a peek, comments much appreciated

  • really nice family day today, playing with random toys, went for a 8k walk, just nice, very nice
  • office day today, playing loud music and generally sorting things out
  • Something I won't be doing when I'm 61 years old – http://bit.ly/I2XeQ
  • Interesting comp run by @CHARGEBIKES – can't beat a good giveaway!
  • Hire bikes confirmed for next year, the Intenses stay, FROs and full sus 29er and maybe something new for 2010….
  • home alone today