- a look at april -

We thought it would be fun to look at the best of previous years posts and share a few links with you. Even though we ski in the winter and mountain bike in the summer, it is interesting (at least for us!) to look back to see how things have changed.

  •   Top 10 winter guest photos

    Guests skiingTaking photos of our guests is, to say the least, a passion. Here is a compilation of ten of our favourite images from the 2009 ski season.

  •   A ski tour to Schafsiedel

    Around 1500mUnlike the normal ski slopes, when you venture off into the back country there is a beautiful wilderness to be found. One of the best things, apart from the unspoilt powder, is that you are often alone in this amazingly beautiful landscape.

  •   Top 10 winter scenic photos

    Blue skiesWhen there aren’t any guests to take photos of then we head out into the Skiwelt and snap away. Just like the guest photos here are our favourite ten photos.

  •   The Turtle Club visit Ellmau

    Turtles in EllmauA special hand made blue and white wooly hat. A perfect skiing accessory and thrown into the bargain is that all money received is donated to leatherback turtles.