- 26trix leogang bike park -

Just the practise jumps!Just like last year when we went to visit the Schladming UCI world cup, today was a first for me. Even though we’re familiar with Leogang bike park and the great jumps, walls and freeriding that is available. Watching the best in the world compete for the 26trix Dirt Jump Competition was up there with my biking highlights of the season.

Take a look at this great video someone took with a helmet cam at 26trix…

The event brings together forty of the best dirt jumpers in the world to show off their incredible skills on the impressive dirt jumps at Leogang. Over the last couple of months we’d been watching the builders, painstakingly bulldoze, shape and refine the new Suzuki Air Time Line. This impressive line adds two more enormous jumps to a plethora of other equally scary looking mounds of dirt.

The competition was full of thrills and spills, not least with the riders but the weather wanted in on the action as well. The tried and tested semi-final, final competition was altered into just one barrage of jumping. prepping the damp landingThe weather kept on firing down unwelcome rain. This led to crowds running for cover, jumps getting soft and dangerous, builders heating and repairing and leaving time for the jumps to dry out. It all sort of added to the suspense, but with limited time available, the 26trix 2009 event would be decided with just a three run final for all riders.

This isn’t a journalistic review of the event, in fact I only recognised a couple of the riders. What we can share though is a few pictures (more available on our flickr photostream) and a little insight into what to expect.

Amidst the clatter of chains from the iXS European Downhill Cup, and the reggae beats of a band playing. The riders performed every trick that you could think of and many we didn’t know the names for. superman - I thinkThe British riders appeared to be holding their own, Sam Pilgrim performed a great second run. Many riders were trying to hit the first jump big. However anything other than a near perfect landing meant a loss of speed, often ending that runs attempt.

It was a pity that the rain delayed the competition, as we had to head off before the start of the third, and I presume, the most exciting run. As soon as I find the results on the web, I’ll share the link, so you can see if the Brits came out tops or not…

UPDATE – Great news the Brits did it, congrats to Sam Pilgrim for winning – looks like it was the second run that took the title!


  1. Sam Pilgrim (GBR)
  2. Greg Watts (USA)
  3. Martin Söderström (SWE)

For a full report, with youthful jargon and some great video footage, please check out the KonaWorld blog and KonaWorld.TV (the video is Out of Bounds Weekend 2009 – Leogang).